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Originally Posted by pound cat
He's also a great singles player, but a chronic shoulder problem lead him to doubles. I still remember the DC match v. Rios when Nestor beat him, and Rios said he was embarrassed to have lost to him. It was this singles win which got Canada into the World Group.
But Rios was far from in form in that match, Nestor's best win I think was actually over Edberg in Davis cup when he was still a teen and Edberg was #1.

Having said all that, Nestor is very very far from a great singles player(when talking hall of fame terms). Nor did he reach his physical potential, but not because of injuries(the most serious of which were relatively recent) Most of his problems in singles were purely mental. He had a severe choking problem and he tended to go into a defensive shell against big groundstrokers. He knew his groundstrokes were too erratic to defend against the power baseliners so he'd get very tentative. I always knew it was trouble when he'd start using a chip forhand from the baseline! When I used to go to practice session with him, he was a strange player sometimes because his concentration would wink in and out and sometimes he'd be be like a zombie out there.

Still, he certainly fulfilled his potential in doubles and was a fine Canadian representative.
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