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[QUOTE=raftermania]Datacipher, are you pulling an Aykhan here? Have you trained with him? Or been to his practice sessions? Either one is pretty neat.

Hi, Rafter, No, I have not hit with Nestor, but yes, I have gone to a few of his practice sessions some years ago. I went to a couple with a junior whom I had done some casual coaching with as he was growing...since he had subsequently become a pretty serious Canadian prospect, he and a few other jjuniors trained with Nestor for a week or so....I came along as a friend and "coach". I merely sat court side....I did bring a racquet...but unfortunately, I could never quite justify trying to barge in on the hitting as there were always more qualified players around! (and of course, this was an opportunity for the juniors, not me!) I kept waiting for a few of the players to say....break their legs.....but it didn't happen. Also, a few years previous, I was able to attend practice at a Davis Cup tie because I knew some of the locals and Tennis Canada people, where I also met Sebastian Lareau, Albert Chang(whom I did play...but that is a long story), and Grant Connell along with Nestor...I did not hit that time either of course but it was fun to watch from any vantage point I wanted as they worked out. They were all nice, but I didn't chat with them much as they were obviously preparing for important matches.
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