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Originally Posted by Deuce
"For the time being, they've just shut down the best international junior tournament Canada has had, in Repentigny."
Again, Marius - where did you hear that the Repentigny Junior tournament was cancelled?
I heard it in December here at Jarry Park from some of the people playing, then I think again at the provincial federation. Now I do not find the event on the ITF schedule, but I do find it at the federation's site. I'd have to call them tomorrow to see what the latest update is:
scroll to Aout (August)
27 août - 3 septembre
(samedi au samedi)
Internationaux de tennis junior du Canada; Tournoi FIT 18 ans et moins Groupe 1 / Information :
Parc Larochelle,

I find this site, which only mentions the 2004 event

A search for Repentigny at the
doen't give anything.

Not shown at Tennis Canada site, but they don't display the full year schedule yet.
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