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I really don't like the Nike shoe design. It all mesh wrap in synethic leather and if you use it for traveling in wet weather or even in the snow; the water goes direct from the mesh to your socks to your foot! If it is cold and a wind; it blows through the mesh and your foot is frozen!

For the reasons above; I always buy try to buy all leather tennis shoes if possible; but they don't seem to make them anymore - everything is synthetic leather! Only the very cheap ones have leather but it the very lowest grade leather!

I glad I had a change to purchase 18 pairs of Adidas 12 years ago at wholesale prices. I down to my last two pairs! I purchase other brands along the way; the Barracades, Wilsons, K-Swiss but nothing really comparison to the 12 year old Adidas in terms of durability!

I use my 12 year old Adidas only for walking and they last 3 years! If I use the modern day tennis shoe; it like a year at the very best!

Hate to say this; but they just make the shoes now a days look stronger and feel more cushionee and with a trend warranty guarantee and all; but they don't really last like the older models! In other words; they just design them to look like they will last a long time but they don't!
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