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Originally Posted by raftermania
Datacipher, that's pretty swell.

Has Lareau retired now? He was lucky to win a gold metal with Nestor at the Olympics! Albert Chang? Michael Chang's brother/coach??? Any chance we can hear the story behind that???
No, he wasn't M.Chang's brother....I'm sure he didn't get asked that much!

He was one of our better players though, was from Calgary. He had some good success at satellites/challengers over the years.....many wins over good players at that level. His ranking I think was generally around 200...but I think he may have approached top 100 at times. He beat Nestor and Lareau in singles play in tournaments.....he once went 3 sets with Edberg at Canadian.....and I think he beat Michael Stich and Arnaud Boetch at a tournment once to make quarters before losing to Kafelnikov. He was a DC practice player.

Anyways, once he just showed up at an open tourney to play mixed doubles with some young junior girl. Not exactly sure why....was rumoured he was friend of girl/girl's family. He was obviously a bit of a ringer. You're expecting to play top area amateurs/teaching pros/juniors/college players on summer break....not a guy with a 200 world ranking! But it was pleasant surprise. Played mixed doubles against probably could have beaten him if I had hammered the girl relentlessly, as she was surprsingly not very good....having said that, he hardly seemed tour intense he probably could have hammered us had he been so inclined. Seemed like a nice enough fellow off court....quiet.
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