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Thank you, Phil.

Awrong, you once again betray your true self with your name calling. I call you 'awrong', and you respond with an insult of a much more vulgar sort - and then have the arrogance to play all innocent. You were habitually insulting many posters when you first began posting on the boards, and after you posted your hypocritical 'advice' that people stop attacking each other, several posters saw through your transparency and let you have it. If you 'don't remember' that obnoxious display on your part, then your memory is a very conveniently selective one.

I'll be glad to see the day when your type stops jumping in to 'defend' grown men just to get yourself some 'brownie points', and get yourself more 'exposure' (as if 700+ posts isn't enough), and to appear the 'hero'. Talk about grandstanding...

Trust me - you are ridiculous.

I also wish that people would stop treating Ben like a baby.
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