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I think I'm sorry I even started this post.


Phil, you were one of the major "trolls" that posted some of the "bashing" type material. I'm not dependent on others opinions, just like to hear others experience with items I haven't tried.


Mid or Midplus? Just kidding!!!! I more opinions asked by me.


If nothing can be gained by asking someone their opinion on a racquet, strings, shoes, etc., what's the point of these boards? If TW doesn't want the "palm pilots" and "Led Zeppelin" posts up, they can delete problem. When TW created the boards I also don't think they meant for them to be a place of "rudeness" from some people because others put up posts. How is being rude to people related to tennis....especially when it doesn't even answer the question that was asked? Man, I agree....I hate "polite" people...they just ruin the world (SARCASM HERE!!!). I also think you're confusing "treating someone like a baby" with showing someone respect!!!


Great point about him e-mailing me....I was wondering the same thing.

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