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If I was looking for exposure, brownie points, and a place to be a hero, there are many better avenues than a message board for doing that. I could respond the same way to you regarding your "universal truths". I explained myself about the instance you keep referring to plenty of times, I posted some things that were taken the wrong way, which was my fault for thinking my intentions would be obvious in this medium. Would you like some brownie points for incessantly bringing it up? Your thinly veiled insults that you try to cover up with advice is sickening, all you do is belittle people, hiding behind your sarcasm. As for the name play, do I really have much to work with? awrong takes little creativity to come up with. You obviously have no idea what a surly old fart you sound like on here, so in typical Deuce fashion I can say I'm giving you advice. You still have yet to cite where I called you a ****, so how do you expect anyone to believe you? I guess I could do the same to you and lie about what you've said in the past, but that wouldn't be right.
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