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Originally Posted By: david aames
It's not the whole thing I'm afraid. The stuff you will see on the tour is not in yet. The T-Shirts are missing as well
Actually most of the stuff that will be on tour is mostly there. I have the catalog where al this stuff came from and MOST of the stuff is there, but you're right, not all. Basically all the items are there, but there are just a few colors that are missing. For theGlobal Sublimated Top the grey and black version is missing. The Sphere Sleeveless and the Global Advantage Polo are missing the new "Photo Blue" color. The Global Tie Break Short has three different shorts, two shorts are white but the top elastic part have different colors. One is black, one is photo blue, and the last is a black short with a white top elastic band. These Tie Break shorts are shown with the Global Advantage Polo, so I'm assuming that they are supposed to be a pair. The only other main things that I see are missing are the Dri-Fit Mesh Shorts, which by the way look really cool (Pardon the pun). They have a 9" inseam and they are shown with all of the other practice shirts. The long- sleeves and the shorts sleeves. The other shirts that have been completely omitted so far are the Dri-Fit Practice Sleeveless. They are in the exact same colors as the Practice Top's (short sleeves). The only color that has been added to the practice tops and sleeveless is the photo blue and bright yellow. It looks like the blue and grey top has been omitted from this as well. Other then that, I'm pretty sure that's it. Later
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