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Originally Posted by gmlasam
Hhahahah...yes its me. I played football through highschool, and the conditioning we did helped. I'm 28, and I workout with weights/cardio 6 days a week. The secret is not over doing it. My workout only last one hour. That's all you need.

Also, eat a well balance diet, and forget all those protien and creatine yada yada yada junk that peopel talk about at the "health messageboard".
Seriously, I can only imagine hard core trainers to need supplemental protein and what not. I DID like using creatine for tennis training though but that was a long time ago when i trained 4-5 hours a day everyday.

Anyhow, I think i'm seriously lacking the genes.... to share your workout routine and do you cycle? my e-mail is my user name at yahoo
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