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Yes, I love the Sphere Top as well, I have almost all the colors except for the Grey/Black one. Out of all the t-shirt style shirts that Nike has put out, those are definitely the best ones. They are definitely better than the ones that are out for the Summer. These new ones seem too boring.
I agree, the US Open stuff was some of the best I can remember. The only thing I wasn't crazy about were the tops that Andre, and Lleyton were wearing. The Zoned Engineered Tops that are in liquidation right now I wasn't that crazy about, even though I have them. They are good as practice shirts, but I don't think they look good for match play. Too plain. I thought the Zoned Engineered Polo that Andre wore at the year end Master Series event in Houston was much better and thought he should have worn that at the Open. Oh well. But all in all, the apparel and shoes (Breathe Frees) were the best tennis stuff that was out in a while. Although, I did like the apparel that was out at the previous 2002 Wimbledon/US Open. That stuff was good as well. Wait until July when the next stuff comes out. OMG! You'll blow your mind. I've seen the new stuff that comes out for the US Open and after. It looks amazing! The sleeveless are going to change, as well as the design to all the polos and tops. The Nike Swoosh is going to be up towards the right shoulder, instead of on the chest. It all looks awesome. Maybe the best out yet! Later
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