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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
Fighting Irish now 0-5! Nice to know they're getting their $50 million's worth of performance from Weis. Funny that they could be winning with players Willingham recruited, but can't do squat with players Weis gets. Weis is an offensive guru, but his team hasn't scored 20pts yet. Meanwhile they give up 33 a game.

As a PAC-10 fan, I'm enjoying every loss ND racks up. Serves them right for firing Willingham after one bad season and then jumping the gun for Weis (10yr/$50 million) winning with Willingham's guys.

Hope UCLA clobbers them next week. Go PAC-10!
Weis was given a huge, long term contract after one year. That was ********. You never judge a coach after one year bad or good.

Willingham went 10-2 his first year there as well. No huge contract extension for him.

You simplify how far he went down though in the next two seasons though. He went 5-7 the next year and 4 of those losses were blow outs which are not suppose to occur at Notre Dame. His 3rd season he went 6-5 which was also a bad year considering the manner in which they were losing games. So he really had two bad seasons.

Willingham is not exactly tearing it up at Washington now either. He so far has gone 2-9 and 5-7. This year I would be surprised if they finish above .500 I think Willingham is overrated actually. He had 2 good seasons at Stanford, 2 okay ones and 3 bad ones.
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