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Phil, you were one of the major "trolls" that posted some of the "bashing" type material. I'm not dependent on others opinions, just like to hear others experience with items I haven't tried.
Ben - Do you understand Irony? OF COURSE I know that I was one of these "trolls" that caused you to cry in your milk.

Anyway, obviously you ARE dependent on others' opinions, and you've started using this board as if it were the "Consumer Reports", which, BTW, has its own Website-I've checked it out several times. Why don't you? The cuteness of "Ben's Quest" wore off a long time ago; now your neediness is just annoying. Grow a pair, man. I gave you what I thought was decent advice, although it wasn't couched in the most "diplomatic" language. No matter, just make a decision, take some personal responsibility, don't be such a wuss.

Chad - I was considering taking TWO days off; maybe it was something I ate!
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