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Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
What's with all the College Football threads? There's been 3 or 4 in the last hour.
This was here last week. I thought UCLA would steamroll ND, but that didn't happen. UCLA's offense got outscored by ND's defense. The replacement QB for UCLA played lousy, but that's where I blame UCLA's coach. He should have ran the ball at Notre Dame seeing that the Irish can't stop the run. When they tried that, they got good yardage. But then UCLA would either get penalties or fumble the ball away. UCLA's defense did a great job against ND. But the offense cost them dearly.

You know the new QB is going to mess up, but I LMAO'd when the QB threw a perfect pass into the end zone and the receiver had butterfingers. Instead of getting 7, they ended up tossing an INT on 4th and goal. UCLA has 6 TO's in the game and basically gave the game away. UCLA still has never beaten Notre Dame. And probably won't for as long as Dorell "we lose everytime we get into the top 25" is leading them.
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