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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
Petros on 570 was right about Karl Dorrell, though. QB injuries had been an issue all year with the Bruins, but it didn't seem like Dorrell had prepared the 3rd string in case this would happen. It wasn't as the warning signs weren't there. The guy they put out, a redshirt, was flat-out unprepared for this game, and the blame largely should go to Dorrell.
The part about Dorrell I agree. Even then, UCLA should have ran the ball at Notre Dame the whole game. There was no reason to bother throwing as ND gives up over 200 yds/game on the ground. When you put a new QB in, you run so you make the QB more comfortable. It's not Dorrell's fault the team had over 10 penalties, but he should have done more and better prepared his backup QB.
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