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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
Agreed, and that's part of Dorrell's MO. When sheet hits the fan, what does Dorrell always do? Look at his hard board. Looks at it some more. Keeps looking at it until his team loses by 20 to a high school team. He just didn't seem like a "Plan B" person.

Truth is, I'm mad at SC. Even though I'm a Cal alumni and grew up a Buckeye fan, SC is the unofficial football team of South California (sorry Chargers!) I'm mad thay they put themselves into a hole like this, when game after game, the warning signs were there. The Pac-10 is maybe the 2nd toughest conference this year; with all of their problems, they'll have to fight their way out of a hole just to win the Pac-10. I was hoping that we would get 2 Pac-10 reps in the BCS, one vying for the title, and the other representing the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl.

That said, it was really eerie watching both UCLA and ND fans cheering wildly when the score went up. Has that EVER happened?
I refuse to root for the Chargers. 49er fan for life! That and the Chargers will make playoff appearances every 5-7 years while being dreadful in between. They fire a coach after a 14-2 season and now they have a weak offense, a dodo-bird coach, and an overhyped LT/PR combo that's not doing much of anything. USC is the football team of SoCal, by far!

It's still possible for the Pac-10 to get 2 BCS bids. At this point Cal is running the table, but their defense needs to improve. The only remaining threats for them are USC and Arizona St. USC will need to bump off Oregon somehow because I don't see them beating Cal this year. Oregon almost always crashes and burns the 2nd half of the season. So it might be Cal and USC/Arizona St. making it to BCS bowls.

The ND and UCLA fans cheering at the USC score was just WRONG! Next thing you know USC and UCLA fans might cheer seeing the Az. Wildcats lose a b-ball game. I just might create a LMAO@UCLA thread just for retribution. Still I was mad at USC for goofing that one up. Booty the last two weeks has been aiming like a Grossman pupil (8 INTS!!), so they need to run more.

Growing up I liked the Wa. Huskies, but went to UCLA for two years (hated it there as I wanted to go to USC), and been a USC fan for about 10 years. So I have no problems with UCLA wetting its bed with Dorrell.
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