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I do love Fischer frames. I have hit with the original MS Pro #1 and also the M Tour 100 light. I loved both of these frames. The feel is different between the two. The MS Pro felt a few points more flexable than the tour to me. The only thing I can come up with is that the MS Pro has fiberglass and the tour does not. Also the beam is thicker on the tour as well as head size being slightly larger. I really liked the tour because I never have played with a frame that was so pleasing to hit a ball with. I have hit with nearly every frame manufacturer. I found myself wanting more weight out of the tour light however. If you buy the tour I would buy the heavier of the two which is the 11.7 ounce mag tour. Did this frame play like the MS Pro #1? No. I loved the MS Pro. But I liked the tour even better. I played some excellent matches with this tour frame. I was trading hard strokes with those who were 5.0-5.5 players and I was holding my own with them. I just wasn't converting deuce points.
I can't give you specifics about the frames. But here are the most important
points about a frame to remember: How well does a frame absorb shock? How does the swingweight feel in your hand? How low can you string the frame and still maintain maximum control? Can you continue to play with the frame for long, long periods of time with out wear to your arm? And the most important is...Does the frame feel good? Feel, that is what the game of tennis all about. How can you feel the ball better and what can you do with the ball? With that being said Fischer frames meet all the above listed criteria for me. My next frame will be the M Comp 95.
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