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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
To dandy2fast,You may be correct but do you have any proof of this?I have done my own racquet at least 15 time like this+my wifes which is different 6 times with no problem.

I am not saying you are wrong,i really dont know.I do have a 6 point mount system which may help.But after so many time of doing this with no problem,it just makes me wonder if it is okay.
He isn't wrong. Doing this is hazardous to a racket (period.) A 6 point mounting system does not off-set or negate the ill effects. A 20 point mounting system wouldn't (obviously exaggerating.) The fact is that you are removing the counter balancing force needed to maintain the structural integrity of the racket. ON TOP OF THAT, you are applying a greater relative tension on one side when you re-string the crosses. The mains have lost a tremendous amount of relative tension compared to the fresh crosses. so you're effectively over stressing it TWICE.

So no, don't do it.

If anyway offers this type of service to you, follow these steps:
1. Grab racket
2. Run!

As someone said earlier, strings are cheaper than rackets. Just restring it.
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