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Can anyone shed some light on his nasty cheating ways?

What can you say. Biggest A-hole to ever play pro tennis? The reason (along with Connors) for the rules intended to curb player misbehavior? That he was also one of the most talented players ever? That he was the most fun to watch? That the crowd in NY would try to get him going (much like they would do to McEnroe) but that can't excuse the way he treated his opponents and officials (the Barazzutti match the year before the Pohmann match was almost as bad.) That what Frank Hammond did was overdue for years? And the fact that the tournament caved pleased the crowd but arguably set back the game.

Nastase wasn't a complete jerk. At a time when there was a lot of controversy about whether Renee Richards should be allowed to play on the women's tour, Nastase played mixed doubles with her at the USO. And the crowd was into it.
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