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Also just on another note, didn't know where to post this.
But not to be a high swingweight monger, though I am partial to thinking higher swingweight is better.
But if we look at the specs on Greg's site,

Looking at the various specs for pro's....Federer has a swing weight of 330...???
This just doesn't make any sense whatsoever for me. Paes, Nadal, Dent, Sampras, Karlovic, and Rafter.
Everyone of these players has a significantly higher swingweight than federer.

I just find it hard to assume that Federer is so dominant and strikes that ball so hard with a swingweight of a stock pure drive +.....
That means that Federer is dominating everyone and returning Roddick's huge serve so easily with a racket that is less stable and less powerful than anyone else on the tour?
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