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Originally Posted by babar View Post
Howdy all,

I will be relocating to Houston, TX soon. I wanted to know about the tennis scene in Houston. Any info on good clubs, overall level of play, league involvment, etc. I am a 4.0 who has been playing USTA leagues in Northern Virginia for the past few years. Thanks for any input.

Also, if anyone wants a hitting partner in Houston, let me know. Thanks.
Hi. I'm a Houstonian. I play at san jacinto college North campus Mon- Thurs and Sun from 5pm-8pm, there is some pretty good competition out there. drop on by if you want to pick up a good singles or doubles match, 8 lighted hardcourts surrounded by trees, nice and quiet and lit up well at night, and best of all its free...but no hobos around because its a college.

If you're looking to join a tennis club, in downtown there's the houston MET, metropolitan racquet club, and near the university of houston central campus is Macgregor Park but some 5.0+ close to pro players are there and really have game and u can hook up with a singles match or dubs, and it's only 4$ an hour. Memorial Park is really the hub of the tennis scene though. Lots of great players from all around show up there. i think its $6 an hour there.

Also try Strawberry park tennis center. They have fun tournaments about twice a month for singles and doubles.
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