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I read the post about kimchee being for poor people... blah, blah. And it's probably true. However sometimes people use food to reconnect and remind them of the past. I'm black, and live in the south. People still eat chittlin's. Which is cleaned and boiled pig intestine. Poor southerners (black and white) used to eat it because it was cheap, and a good source of protein. It smells and taste like old sweaty gym socks, IMHO. Not really the point it's a connection to their past, and that alone makes it worth including in the culinary catalog. Although I wouldn't eat it

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itones, may you take birth in India for the next seven lives to atone for the sin of insulting indian cuisine.

I would recommend the Andhra Pradesh state, where the food is hottest.
I couldn't agree more. I love indian food. I like eating vegetarian when possible, and different curry blends go better with veggies than anything else I've ever tried. I must admit, I would have been just as ignorant as most but a friends girlfriend took us to an indian restaurant a few years ago in new york. She ordered several items off the menu, and I was hooked for life. Like the kid said try it you'll like it
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