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And Newcombe's endurance really deserves separate mention.

He played 6 matches, and got just one day of rest -- in between his first and second matches.

Round 1 -- straight sets
Round 2 -- five sets (50 games) over Rolf Gehring (a 19-year-old)
Round 3 -- straight sets
QF -- five sets (56 games) over Geoff Masters
SF -- five sets (58 games) over Tony Roche

He saved a match point against Roche (his doubles partner), and won that match 11-9 in the fifth.

Newcombe was 30, Connors 22.

Connors lost just one set on the way to the final.

And Newcombe did not look visibly exhausted during the final. He was stretching out his thighs a lot at the end, but he looked fit, and he even jumped over the net at the end.
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