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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
krosero, I had a question about your match stats, are you counting service winners(not aces, which are a separate stat)?

In todays stats, service winners are counted in the winner column. Often it is a judgement call, but I imagine Newcombe had quite a few as well. Service winners are shots that Connors just barely got a racket on, etc, etc.
All my aces are balls that went entirely untouched. If a guy got the frame or the strings on the ball but failed to return, I regard that as service winner, but did not count those.

In any case, the announcers' count of the aces was the same as mine -- 17 for Newcombe. They stayed the same for Connors as well, until the controversial ace in the third set, which they just didn't count afterward. They kept saying he had 3 aces, but he definitely got the fourth one (and they saw it as a good serve; it was the previous service winner that they thought was a bad call).
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