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The final took place on New Year’s Day, a Wednesday. Connors and Newcombe played their first-round matches on December 26, a Thursday.
do you know if rain delayed the start of the tournament? if not, its absurd that players were expected to play 6 best of 5 matches in 7 days. Wonder how many other slams had this format back then. The atp site says the event started on 12/21/74, wouldn't be the first time they're wrong.
Interesting that the year end masters for '74 was played 12/10-12/15 in Melbourne, surprised more top players(Borg, Vilas, Nastase, Orantes) didn't stick around for the '75 Australian Open held just a few weeks later.

All my aces are balls that went entirely untouched. If a guy got the frame or the strings on the ball but failed to return, I regard that as service winner, but did not count those.
thanks. so the winner counts on these matches should be a bit higher. I tried doing stats on the Roddick-Federer USO Final last year & compared to the us open website, a lot of service winners for Roddick. My stats didn't match up exactly with theirs, but was close. Not all unreturned serves count as service winners, it is a judgement call as to whether the player should have returned it, usually they have to be moving, lunging for the return for it to count as a service winner. I did a set by set comparison & re-watched one of the sets, I think I can make a reasonable guess what it takes to be called a service winner from a statistician's perspective.
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