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Default Some stats for 1979 Wimbledon final (Borg-Tanner)

Again, just winners for now, plus aces and doubles. Note: I’m missing Borg’s first service point of the match and the beginning of the next one (he won both).

Score: Borg d. Tanner 6-7 (4), 6-1, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4

Tanner served 15 aces and just 4 doubles.
Borg served 4 aces and 3 doubles.

Borg made 54 winners: 23 forehands, 18 backhands, 6 forehand volleys, and 7 backhand volleys.

Tanner made 54 winners: 10 forehands, 5 backhands, 17 forehand volleys, 19 backhand volleys, and 3 overheads.

Borg’s total of 54 was probably his highest in a Wimbledon final. The following year he would have 53 against McEnroe, but that final had 55 games (one of which was an unnaturally long tiebreak) compared to the 48 played against Tanner. So in that sense, 1979 was his best Wimbledon final.

At any rate, his 54 winners barely exceed the 53 struck by Laver in the 1969 final. If you do the math and reduce Borg’s winners to match the 42 games of that final, Borg ends up with about 47 winners (his performance in 1980 reduces to about 38 ). That compares favorably with Laver, and a next interesting step might be to compare their unforced errors -- and for one person to do it so that the definition of unforced errors does not vary.

Borg’s winners by set: 10, 7, 16, 7, 14.
Tanner’s winners by set: 17, 6, 10, 7, 14.

The third set was strange in that Borg led in winners, 16 to 10, but lost the set, 3-6.

The disparity in their strengths was immense: 41-15 for Borg in ground strokes, 39-13 for Tanner in volleys/smashes.

Tanner’s 39 volley/overhead winners exceed Laver's 27 in 1969 and McEnroe’s 32 in 1980, though not McEnroe's 45 in 1981 (these are all raw totals, unadjusted for number of games).

But with 15 ground stroke winners he stands behind McEnroe’s 22 in 1980 and 19 in 1981 (and Laver’s 26).

13 of Borg’s winners were service returns: 8 FH's and 5 BH's. All were passes. Only two were taken on first serve.

3 of Tanner’s winners were service returns. One was a FH off a second serve, not a pass. The others were BH passes off first serve.

25 of Borg’s winners were passing shots, apart from returns: 13 FH's and 12 BH's.

4 of Tanner’s winners were passing shots, apart from returns: 3 FH’s and 1 BH.

Additionally, Borg hit one winning BH lob. Tanner had a winning FH lob.

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