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Default Some fifth-set stats

Borg served 0 aces and 1 double.

Tanner served 4 aces (one on the second serve) and 1 double.

Borg drew 12 return errors out of a possible 38. Tanner drew 7 return errors out of a possible 36.

Borg made 30 of 38 first serves, or 79%. That was a better percentage than he would have in his fifth set against McEnroe.

Tanner made 16 of 36 first serves, only 44%.

Borg won 23 of 30 first-serve points, or 77%. He won only 2 of 8 points started on second serve, an astonishingly low 25%.

Tanner won 11 of 16 first-serve points, a somewhat low 69%. He won 11 of 20 points started on second serve, or 55%, a figure normally high enough to win a match.

Each man made 14 winners.

Borg came in behind only 10 of 30 first serves, with an 8-2 winning record. He was forced to come forward when one of his second serves was returned short; he won that point. He got into net 5 other times (with a 3-2 record), all of them in his own service games. He never approached the net during Tanner's service games.

Tanner came in behind all 35 of his serves (not including his df), with a 23-12 winning record. He was sometimes forced back and usually made it to the net again. He also approached the net 15 times in Borg’s service games, with a 9-6 record.

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