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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Tanner served 4 aces (one on the second serve) and 1 double.

Tanner made 16 of 36 first serves, only 44%.

Tanner won 10 of 16 first-serve points, a somewhat low 63%. He won 12 of 20 points started on second serve, or 60%, a figure normally high enough to win a match.

Tanner came in behind all 36 of his serves (first and second), with a 23-13 winning record (this includes his aces and double). He was sometimes forced back and usually made it to the net again. He also approached the net 15 times in Borg’s service games, with a 9-6 record.
I remember watching this match. These statistics are surprising, given that Tanner was a super hard server--sort of the Roddick of his day. Also, like Roddick, my recollection was that he didn't have much to back it up if he didn't get an ace or unplayable serve.

I guess memories are lovely but fallible.
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