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Originally Posted by grizzly4life View Post
there was probably a huge thread on this in the summer.....

but why do people think nadal's been so successful at wimbledon, but not nearly as successful at USO. admittedly pretty limited data, but does wimbledon now play slower than USO? even if slower i can't see the bounces being larger... and wonder same thing about wimbledon vs. AO, but strikes me that nadal was injured last year at AO.

thanks in advance!! as i said, i realize that there aren't too many data points on his W vs. USO
Yes, there was a thread about it.
Nadal is pretty good on natural surfaces with it's multiple bad bounces and his footwork works better than on a hardcourt.
Furthermore, there are very few players who can play good on grass and can cope with those irregular bounces the way Federer or Nadal do. So he has less of a competion on this surface, than on hard were the gamestyle of Blake and others, who pose a threat for him, are most suited to.
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