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Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
Everybody is different. Philippoussis had a lot of talent but he also liked to ride fast bikes and fast women. Does that make him dumb? He made his choices an had a lot of good times.
A lot of people who post on this site will be making tennis 100% of their lives. Most or all of them will fail to make any impact, and will insult players like Philippoussis. Philippoussis made tennis only partially important in his life, yet had a lot of fun - plus a few tennis highlights like playing Federer in a Wimbledon final and winning a few titles.
I know who I'd rather be.
Anyway the guy was injured and had some bad luck too. Wasn't he even in a wheelchair for a while?
Finally, someone who actually understands Philippoussis. Tennis has never been no.1 in Mark's priorities so it's easy to bag him out for it and call him a loser ect... He's always been more focussed on friends, family, parties, girlfriends and I don't see anything wrong with that.

No matter what profession any of us are in - some ppl give 100% effort and time to their work, and others just do what they have to, to get by and are satisfied. To say he's talentless is ridiculous - you don't make 22 finals with no talent.

His lack achievements are not due to lack of talent... rather a combination of off-court fun (partying, wakeboarding, snowboarding, sky diving, surfing,) some bad coaching mistakes, and **** luck with injuries at crucial times (eg. 3 knee ops before age 24).
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