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Originally Posted by No Drop Shots View Post
I happen to know an olympic medal winner and the doping was explained to me as follows:-

Most people lets say have a particular hormone (teststerone/nandrolone etc) blood count of eg 4 units. There are some freaks however that naturally have a blood count of 10 units. In order to not exclude these people from competing (because they would fail a test if the limit was set to 4 units) the limit is set to 10 units. This means that most normal people can artificially take substances in controlled amounts, ie take 6 units, thereby increasing their blood levels from 4 units to 10, and still pass a WADA test!! This is normal practice for most athletes/sportsman. Testing doesn't necessarily catch all those who are guilty, just those who miscalculated and took too much!!
Very interesting. I am not surprised to hear that there are a great deal of athletes who cheat by using performance enhancing drugs. What does surprise me is the number of athletes who claim to consume steroids or other doping agents accidentally.

If their livelyhood depends on their physical well being and clean bloodtests, why would they consume products blindly?
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