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Default Wrist tendonitis -- does it ever really go away?

Couple of months ago I pulled a tendon in my wrist during a very aggressive slice serve (yes it was an ace!). Pain was centered in the fleshy part between the the thumb and forefinger leading to the wrist, especially painful on the forehand. Doc advised rest, ice, wrist brace, anti-inflammatories and slow rehab. With very little tennis, the wrist began to feel much better after several weeks. This past week I was lifting moderate weights curling the wrist to bring it back to strength. Restrung the racquets to make it TE and wrist friendly. All was looking good.

Last night I played one set of mens doubles. During the match all went well with no discomfort. A few hours later I feel stiffness in my wrist. This morning, the pain and stiffness is back.


Will this heal fully someday?
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