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Default Dunlop Hydratac Overgrip

Now, I prefer to use just bare leather, but in the summer, it gets humid here and bare leather can twist and turn about, so I normally use Tourna, but I hate having to change the darn things as often as I do. So I've been trying out a few others, the Hydratac is one, and just went with it on a whim. So far, it's got what it takes, only going to find out the true asorbtion for me when it gets hot in a few months. Anyhow, so far, this is my new fav for over grips. It has the right amount of tac(not too much so you can easily twist the racquet), it's soft enough, and the durability, it doesn't dirty easily and hasn't torn up, like I do to most grips fast being I've got a big amount of callous on my hand. I think my fav bit, is how it doesn't git dirty that fast considering it is a white grip. The feel is sort of a softer slightly less tacky Prince Duratac wrap. This one is hihgly recommended!
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