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Originally Posted by fanatic456 View Post
Nobody from the general public will ever get their hands on a real fed stick...ever. The truth is that it's a secret that fed does not want anyone to know. It's his competive advantage. It's worth his career so why make it public. So that others can benefit and beat him? Why would he want that?

Think about it. Fed always had great potential as a youngster. He always had game. BUT, he had no consistency with his ps85 and he could not hit the shots he hits these days. It would be physically impossible with a ps85. He was (back then) just another enjoyable tennis player with silky technique.

Everyone talks about the match in which he beat Sampras at wimbledon as his 'coming of age'. TOTAL CRAP. Look at the match...he's a totally different player now. Back then he was so inconsistent. He played great, but he played a style similar to Sampras back then. He's on a totally new level from Sampras now. And it's got nothing to do with improving his technique.

As soon as he switched to his modified Tour 90, he won wimbledon and the oz open next and became practically UNBEATABLE. He began to generate ridiculously more spin, power, dip, crazy angles. Watch the match against flip again and you'll see. He's been THAT player ever since. It was an overnight transformation. Only a coincidence that it occured in conjunction with a switch to a new racket?...mmm....I don't think so. The change was not to his technique...IT WAS THE RACKET.

Now, people talk about his new racket, old racket, blah, blah, blah all the time. Is he using a 1six1? Is he using a K factor, or whatever? Fact is, he's been using the same racket he's been using since his first wimbledon win, albeit with some very minor mods to string and weight (and paint scheme, for that matter) but he aint stupid and hasn't needed to fix what wasn't broke.

You guys buying these new rackets are just falling for the marketing techniques (crap) of major corp. Look...they need to turnover rackets. THAT IS THEIR BUSINESS. That's why they got into the racket biz in the first place...TO MAKE MONEY. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a business. Accept it. If you listen to anyone from so at your own peril (stupidity). I can understand it. The people that make the big decisions in a major corporation are there because they have the ability (or are thought to have the ability) to increase revenue, market share, profits, etc. NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT THE GAME OF TENNIS.

Now, from what I can tell as an observer and player of the game, feds racket is the same mold all you guys are talking about. Cool! BUT, yes guys, it's the layup where it's all at.

When I was younger I was obsessed with rackets. I would do anything to find a competive advantage. I was continally experimenting with my rackets and yes, this experimentation improved my end game.

From my experience, what is different in fed racket you ask? Well, flexible material in key areas or possibly to the whole racket. Little or no kevlar (maybe in key areas again, but definitely not braded all over like the ps85. Alot of weight added to the top of the hoop. Completely different balance to stock (even balance or possibly even fractionally head heavy). The end result is a racket which has alot of playability in the top half (including the outer edges) of the hoop - resulting in the ability to PULL the ball and create more angles, lift and dip (AND POWER). I forgot to mention slice, which is also improved (You'll notice fed slices the ball compltely differently to any other player - I feel this is a necessity due to his setup).

Anyhoot, take this post for what you will. But I just wanted to get this stuff out of my head and into yours.
Thanks for your contribution!
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