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Originally Posted by fanatic456 View Post
Think about it. Fed always had great potential as a youngster. He always had game. BUT, he had no consistency with his ps85 and he could not hit the shots he hits these days. It would be physically impossible with a ps85. He was (back then) just another enjoyable tennis player with silky technique.

Everyone talks about the match in which he beat Sampras at wimbledon as his 'coming of age'. TOTAL CRAP. Look at the match...he's a totally different player now. Back then he was so inconsistent. He played great, but he played a style similar to Sampras back then. He's on a totally new level from Sampras now. And it's got nothing to do with improving his technique.
So Federer beat 7-time and reigning Wimbledon champion Pete Sampras on Centre Court by being "inconsistent" with his PS 6.0 85? Federer played a similar style to Sampras because he was playing on grass, at Wimbledon, where serve and volley play has proven to work pretty well, and he was also trying to take the net away from Sampras by getting there first. That's just smart play. Did you notice that Federer was serving and volleying more than he normally does during last week's Master's Cup in Shanghai? Why? He's practicing for his 3 exhibition matches against Sampras this week in which he knows he'll have to take the net away from Sampras again so that Sampras can't dominate from the net. I've also seen Federer play with his PS 6.0 85 in matches in which he didn't serve and volley much at all but played mostly from the baseline, as he does now, and he was pretty darn consistent.

The biggest change in his game has been mental and attitude. He used to be overly emotional on the court and used to blow up way too often which caused him to lose his concentration and his confidence. Now he remains totally calm, unemotional, focused, and is extremely confident during his matches. That, to me, has been the biggest difference, not his racquet.
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