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Although I was actually planning on starting my own club which might have included the PT, and despite very strong... ahem... 'feelings' for 2 other frames ... well, I suppose you'd better put my name down.

As I only recently got mine, I'd be very interested to hear other people's opinions and experiences on all aspects of how it plays.

As for myself, I've posted before on my initial impressions, I'll say this though... it's a very dynamic and mobile frame with a totally unique, classy, feel. There has also already been a significant improvement in my game. And it's just so liberating and confidence-inspiring to play with such an obvious rod of... (what can I call it?)... supreme excellence!

I should also say my only less than so far amazing impressions regard the serve and the grip feel. However, among other things, I expect these issues to be resolved with greater familiarity with the frame.

BTW, I'm about a 4.0... baseliner/developing all courter... string info, etc - not sure TBH, and as the strings were freshly put on by previous owner when I got it, and because I like them, I haven't changed them.
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