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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
ND finished their campaign at 3-9. Wins against perennial powers UCLA, Stanford, and Duke. Oh wait this is football we're talking about....
How conveniently disregarded or "forgotten":
USC LOST AT HOME TO 'perennial powerhouse' STANFORD this year.

"Free O.J. NOW!"

alwaysatnet, about the "Yankees" as being one of the 'America's teams' that was not asked for:

"America's Team" are the Dallas Cowboys' and to a (MUCH) lesser extent, Ted Turner's Atlanta Braves; the Yanks never insisted on being referred to in a 'national' sense. Any 'geographical' reference associated with the Yankees is local not national: i.e. their "BRONX Bombers" moniker. The only thing I can think of that "America-wise" sets the Yankees apart from any other American professional sports team, is that they are the only TEAM never to have any of their PLAYER'S NAMES on their uniforms; all other teams (esp. baseball) have at one time or another despite a number of them having "seen the light" and going back to the 'old school' traditional look. And speaking of "America's Team," what of the "Terrell Owens" type of showboating???....That doesn't fly with the Yankees; that crap came and went with Reggie Jackson (and Jackson's standing-at-home-plate "act" was one that many here didn't warm up to). Manny Ramerez and Barry Bonds can stand there with their arms raised showing up the other team/opposing pitcher and be beloved by the "locals," but you will NOT see that nowadays from the "Non-America" New York Yankees. De classe' RBI clowns such as Ramerez (who looks like a mariachi band castoff, what with his 'bellbottom' pants & shiny patent-leather spikes) obviously consider 'styling' at home plate to be de rigguer---however, again, that's not the case with "The Pinstripers."

America's team? Nah. That's the Cowboys (& Ted Turner's Atlanta Braves) -- again, in both cases, a SELF-PROCLAIMED "title." Here in N.Y., we simply call 'em: The Yankees or Yanks (the papers use the "Bronx Bombers" tag) or, once in a blue moon, the Hilltoppers (their original name). Yankees as "America's team?" Nah, aren't they now referred to as "The Evil Empire" by those not-so-darling-afterall, Boston Red Sox front office schmucks? Gee, now THERE'S class for ya.

Finally, the Yankees are the team that's "publically hated" yet (silently) loved by the opposing team's owners as they note that the ticket sales suddenly double when "THE NO-NAME TEAM" comes to town.
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