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ND never claimed to be America's team, but the way they push around their tradition and reputation on the masses easily gives you the impression they want to be America's team. They get all their home games televised on national TV, get special treatment from the BCS (finish in the top 12 and they're in, AND get a share of the BCS money even if they don't make a BCS bowl), and their fight tune is so annoying....

I used to like ND as a kid (during the rocket Ismail era) and felt they got cheated out of a national title to Florida St. But ever since Lou Holtz left, I started to dislike them (the overhyped Rick Mier/Ron Poulus/Brady Quinn, the incompetence of Bob Davies, the firing of Willingham, they got into bowls they didn't deserve, Weis, etc.).

I'm glad that ND, Florida St, Penn St., Miami, Nebraska, Alabama and others have gotten a dose of the new reality in football. It'll be interesting to see how those guys cope while we get treated to college ball at its best.
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