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Originally Posted by michael chaho View Post
vsbabolat has tried silicone with some success maybe he can give us a review about how he drills a hole in the butt cap and inject silicone amount etc......... I thought you have injected some nasty foam. Tell us what that was like?

I put some lead above the handle on one of my PT630 and elongated the head shape, it increased my first service percentage by 50%, it was super duper solid but I can not handle it is few sets grinding ground strokes.
Yeah, I injected that foam-in-a-can insulating crap that you can buy from Home Depot into an old pure drive. It added way to much weight to the frame and never realy gave it the more solid feel I was after. Plus it was a sticky nightmare -impossible to remove. I reccommend just going the lead tape route (easy to manipulate and effective).

ps I tried the isospeed string that Muster used in my PTs and didn't like it either. No feel, and it lost tension worse than poly (even after adding 6lbs of tension).
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