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Originally Posted by ninaz View Post
at very begining, I brought her to tennis. she liked it and had fun. so I asked her if she want to play, and explained to her that she need to be persistant whatever she wanted to learn. so we started training since then, half to one hour a day for both kids. for a period of time, they feel frustrated and bored by those training, then feel very proud when people started watching them practice. Now Nina want to practice every day after she taste the victory. but I felt she got a bit cocky.
Hehe, that's cute Apologies, sounds like I was wrong. I remember some of the players I used to play with back when I was younger who had a bit more success did a lot of footwork training (not training per se, but things like a multi sided rubber ball being dropped and trying to react to it as quick as possible, etc). As long as you or her coaches are teaching her sound strokes, what will differentiate a good player is footwork, ones mental game, and strategy.
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