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Originally Posted by pro tour 280 View Post
7 Pro Tour 280's

6 Designed in Austria (3 with plastic still on grips, 3 with CAP grommets)
1 Made in Austria (CAP grommets)

Mains 18 gauge Crossfire 50lbs, crosses 17 gauge Head PPS 52lbs
you can be #11 if snoflewis wants out.

Originally Posted by snoflewis View Post
i dont know about the pt630s...but i might be putting up a couple pt280s for sale in a couple weeks...please dont inquire about them's just an idea.
let me know if you still want to be a member. Personally you should not sell it but if you do you have plenty here that will buy it from you.

Originally Posted by Bud View Post
Woohoo... I should be receiving the CAPs for my 630's, today!

The 630's are nice sticks but I like my AG100s and My Prestige C600 as much, if not more. I'm hoping the CAP grommets improve the feel a bit more.
Bud you are #17, I also like the PC600 a bit more but what is the use if I make few more mishits with it. I have to be %100 on to win a close match. With the PT30 you have a bit more room, you can take larger cuts and not worry about framing the ball.

Originally Posted by sargeinaz View Post
Count me in fellas. I just received my Pro Tour 630 from Germany and this thing looks brand new. Made in Austria, full CAPS, barcode on the side, black buttcap with the old Head logo on it and not a scratch on her. I'll take pics and post them when I get the chance. Im dying to hit with it, but I have so many pharmacy school applications to fill out. Thanks to VS and Michael Chaho and everyone else for the info.
#18, please weight it and take measurements if possible. how much did you buy it for? Just remember our dollar is worth crap almost %50 LESS in Europe. Many European products are very expensive for us to buy

Originally Posted by jayserinos99 View Post
Nice collar, who much weight did it add? probably 10 grams? the beam of the PC600 is 19mm while the PT630 is 20mm, probably there is tape to make it fit snug, is it glued? balance point will be .25cm more HL as well.

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