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Originally Posted by Tennis-Chris View Post
When you say "several weeks" how many is that? You might want to consult a different doctor as well. The Doc I saw specializes in wrist injuries and I was off for two months. No tennis, no weights, not even ping pong.

At the end of two months I was then put on a regimen of very light weights (5-7 pound range) and gradually worked up from there. Lots of stretching with bands and hand grips. Total time away from the game was almost three full months but when I play today I am playing without pain and I have my full repertoire of shots at full strength. I have also regained confidence that my wrist is strong.

I think you are right. This injury will take a LONG time to heal and I may have rushed it with the weights. Might have to take a winter break from tennis, though THAT is a painful thought! Your post gives me hope. Thanks.
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