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Originally Posted by shojun25 View Post
Again, your daughter amazes me. I really like the fact that her 1st and 2nd serve seem really identical. A lot of highschool JV players dink their second serves in, but she already developed a dependable second serve. If you think she is ready, I would suggest trying out kick serves, slice serves, etc. If she is able to master those serves at such a young age, she will be unbeatable
I was training my big daughter top spin serve because like you said I want her have very dependable second serve. I will teach her flat serve later.

but for my little daughter, I have been teaching her flat serve since spin will need some extra power and she is weaker. she looks pretty good so far, she will play her first tourney in DEC, we will see how well she serve.

again, thank you all for encouragement.
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