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Originally Posted by KerryJ View Post
I live in clear lake, here's all the places I've played at (localy and in houston).

Memorial Park (Houston)
Westside (Houston)
Lee LeClear Tennis Center (Houston)
Jewish Community Center (Houston)
Bay Area Racquet Club (Clear Lake)
Windemere (Clear Lake)
South Shore Harbour Fitness Center (Just outside of Clear Lake)

All very nice, my favorites being the Jewish Community Center and South Shore.
I didn't like lee leclear tennis center, courts are hard courts but they are Dirty and not well kept, I worked for memorial park tennis center though as a summer tennnis coach....I would say some of the best courts in houston have to be Rice Universities courts. They are AMAZING. Plus you can park in the neighborhood 1 block away from rice for free and walk to the courts. The stadium court is awesome, plus the lights are great too
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