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Default Some stats for 1995 W SF (Becker-Agassi)

Score: 2-6, 7-6 (1), 6-4, 7-6 (1)
(44 games)

Agassi was the top seed, Becker #3.

Becker had 22 aces (three on second serve) and 10 double-faults.
Agassi had 4 aces and 6 df's.

Becker's aces by set: 4, 4, 7, 7
Agassi's aces by set: 3, 1, 0, 0

Agassi did not serve an ace after the second game of the second set, no doubt because he needed to get his first serve in. Becker was taking Agassi’s second serve and charging, even early in the match. By 2-3 in the third he’d won 11 of 17 approaches that way (per NBC stats).

Becker made 49 clean winners: 11 FH, 6 BH, 14 FHV, 10 BHV, 8 smashes.

Agassi made 49 clean winners: 23 FH, 18 BH, 6 FHV, 0 BHV, and 2 smashes.

Becker’s winners by set: 8, 15, 5, 21
Agassi’s winners by set: 9, 12, 9, 19

Agassi’s two volley winners in the second set were unconventional: both were hit from behind the service line; one was a lob over Becker’s head, the other a swinging forehand volley. His next volley winner was also a swinging forehand. He didn’t have a conventional volley winner until the fourth set. Of course, the majority of the volleys he hit were conventional; but to put them away, at least before the fourth set, he needed to swing at the ball. And he never managed a backhand volley winner of any kind.

Agassi’s winners at the net were similar to his count in his Davis Cup match with Becker six years earlier, in which I counted 7 volley winners from him.

By contrast, I saw him hit over 20 volley winners in his 1988 loss to Wilander on red clay at Roland Garros.

In the '95 match, Becker got more winners from volleys/smashes than he did from ground strokes (32 to 17).

Becker made two winning BH returns of Agassi’s second serve, and two FH returns of Agassi’s first serve. None were passes, but he did make three passing shots (including two lobs).

Agassi made 14 service return winners (half of them off Becker’s first serve); thirteen were passes. He made 15 other passing shots, not including his volley lob winner: 8 BH’s (one lob) and 7 FH’s.

In the early and middle stages of the match, Becker was staying back on some second serves, and at least once on a first serve.

The fourth set was hard-fought, with both men holding serve throughout, fighting through long games and many break points (Agassi was 0-6, Becker 0-7). And there were 40 winners between them, a new high in the matches that I’ve looked at, exceeding the 39 that Becker and Agassi themselves hit in the third set of their Davis Cup match.

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