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Originally Posted by protourOS View Post
nice stats krosero

I remeber this being a classic semi-final match - a great performance by Becker agaisnt a very strong Agassi at the time.

The way I remember it (though it is a long time ago now) Agassi was running away with this match playing "in the zone" but apparently within himself - beating Boris's serve and volley tactics very effectively. It looked like Becker had no chance.
Then Boris had what i like to call an "episode" (much screaming at himself in german) before completely changing tactics and playing Andre from the baseline - at his own game - so to speak...and started beating him at it too!

This complete change seemed to really phase Andre while Boris's confidence grew and he went on to win from there. Both played really well at times but mentally Boris "the tank" got the edge in the 2nd set ...and didnt loose it.

Didn't work against Sampras in the final though...
Becker was yelling at himself as he often does, but I don't remember a particular episode that turned things around. As for playing Andre from the baseline, I can confirm that he stayed back sometimes on second serve and even once on first serve, sometime in the middle of the match, I think. But part of what happened is that Becker started being more successful, so some rallies grew longer. Down 4-1, love-30 in the second, he played an aggressive baseline rally and won it; two points later he got that famous baseline-to-baseline FH winner, where he lifts his arms as if in triumph.

But I didn't really see a change in tactics, and the stats don't confirm it. Only in the first set does he have more ground stroke winners than volleys/smashes: 4 vs. 3. In the second it was 6 vs. 9, in the third 2 vs. 3, and in the fourth 5 vs. 16. By then he was clearly at his most aggressive.

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