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one of the most incredible match i've ever seen. Agassi was dominating, Becker was humiliated, but Boris pride was too big. It wasn't a match of tennis, it was some kind of magic. Agassi was hopeless, because that day he needed more than his tennis,

And it was a wonderful day. Sampras was already in the final, but Ivanisevic played one of the best match ever on grass, maybe the best ever (with the exception of a dozen crucial points bad played, obviously).

The tennis winners were Ivanisevic and Agassi, clearly.

But the brain, and the pride, were more important that day.

Great great day of tennis.
Great post.

Many talk about Agassi going into a tailspin after losing the '95 US final to Sampras, but they should mention this one as well, blowing a 6-2,4-1(2 breaks!) lead in a Wimbledon SF? How demoralizing to play well enough to win 3 majors in one year & yet only walk away with one. Agassi is the greater player, but Becker was mentally tougher.

I remember being in awe of Agassi that event, I had never seen anyone return serve like that on grass before (even when he won it in '92) you almost expected him to hit a winner on every return(I think the NY Times had a writer describe how well Agassi was playing prior to SF day, "maybe if they have Agassi return Sampras, Becker, & Goran's serves at the same time, they may have a chance" Ok, an exaggeration, but Agassi was making believers of
out of many who had given up on guys winning W without a big serve.
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