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Originally Posted by shakes1975 View Post
HI Krosero,

thanks for bringing up this match. i am a great becker fan and i love the way he turned it around in this match.

also, i doubt how many people on this board have seen their 1989 davis cup match. it was a match of the highest quality.

sometimes i wonder what would've happened to the agassi-becker rivalry if agassi had not got the idea to read becker's serve based on becker's tongue (as agassi had told in his commentary during the USO QF between fed and roddick). i think it would have been more even. becker had a great serve, though not at sampras' level.

also, i still believe that becker would've given sampras a better fight than agassi in the 1995 USO F if he had got through, simply bcos he would've held serve much more consistently. we would've had at least 2-3 tie-breaks.
I read that Agassi's commentary during the match was great; it's one I have to see.

I wonder how much of a factor the tongue thing could have been. How consistently can you see something like that from so far away? But then again Agassi had incomparable eyes.

The 1995 USO final, you may be right, though I think that you and I might agree that Sampras would still have won. In 1990, if Boris had beaten Andre in their semi, I think he would have lost to Pete. That may sound defeatist, but who could have beaten Sampras that day?
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