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Originally Posted by Buchhalter View Post
During the second set, something happened during a rally, and the crowd sort of chuckled, as did AA. Pretty much everyone except Boris. That event seemed to renew Boris's fighting spirit. He settled down, changed his tactics and put one on AA.

At the US Open they played in the Semi's. The incident was mentioned then. AA got the better of Boris in that match, but it was close.
Maybe you're thinking of the episode with the Cyclops machine. Becker was complaining about it, and the umpire agreed to turn it off, to go with the linespersons. Agassi joked that even he couldn't see "this guy's serve, how are they supposed to see it," or something like that that. It got a laugh and Becker did a mock laugh, shoulders bouncing and everything. That happened in the first game of the second set. Becker still was broken twice more at 1-all and 3-1 before he got back into it.
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