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Default Quantum tour 10 grommets a fit for the volkl C7?

Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
Well I guess I'm wrong.

I stand corrected.
Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
Od1n is correct, quantum or tour is the the same, also about the black/red midplus, is only on the gen II, the gen 1 was only in red script.
Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
The rackets in the picture are Tour 10 Gen I's. I have 3 of them myself, but I have the version with the Volkl and Tour decals instead of Volkl and Quantum.
The rackets are the same...just produced in different years.

Snoopy, see above. I think you're confusing things a little bit. All the 10 Gen I MP frames have "Volkl" written in white as far as I know, some have Quantum, some have Tour written on the "shoulders" of the racket (also in white). They also have TOUR (white) and Mid Plus (red) at the top of the hoop.

The red/black color you're referring to (I think) is related to the Gen II frame, which had a version with "Mid Plus" written in black and one with "Mid Plus" written in red at the top of the hoop. One of those (the far as I remember) was heavier swinging than the other.
Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
This is the Quantum Tour 10:

This is the Tour 10 Gen 1 MP (it also came in a mid):

Some of the Tour 10 Gen 1s have "Quantum" written on them and some don't. I don't remember if it was the earlier or later versions. It's the same racquet with or without the "Quantum."

However, some of the earlier versions of the Tour 10 Gen 1 have "Volkl" written in red while Later models have "Volkl" written in black. The reds are heavier than the blacks. I don't think by too much. Ask Nobadmojo he's the expert.

**See 0d1n's and Ericsson's comments below. There is no red - black cosmetic coding on the Gen 1. I was wrong.**
Thanks guys, that clears things up a bit. The racket in the picture has 18 mains, so does that mean its the 93 Sq. inch version of the Tour 10 Gen 1?

The reason I was interested is that I suspect that the grommets fron the Quantum tour 10 (silver and black) may fit some of my Volkl C7's.

Also, did the quantum tour 10 have wrap around would be wicked if I could cram those onto my C7's, effectively making a Volkl prestige!

I put a lot of lead in the hoop, so having wrap around grommets would make things much more simple.
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